Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Term 3 - Week 9 & 10

Te Wiki O Te Maori (Maori Language Week)

This week is Te Wiki O Te Maori (Maori Language Week) which means we are spending a bit more time than usual learning the Maori language. We have been learning how to say our colours, numbers, animals, fruit and other words in Te Reo.

We are also creating some amazing artwork by weaving different coloured pieces of paper. With our new knowledge we chose a new word we have learnt and presented this on our weaving.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Term 3 - Week 7 & 8

Back To School

We are back!!! After another lockdown our school is open again and doesn't it feel good. The week was filled with a lot of fun learning. Scroll down to see what we got up to.


We got off to a great start with our inquiry topic 'The New Zealand General Elections'. We have discussed:
  • What it feels like to be the leader of the group
  • What it feels like when you are told what to do
  • What groups we all belong to
  • Who is the leader at home, church, school etc
  • What our responsibilities are within the different groups we belong to.

Add photo of the wall


Tuakana-Teina is the relationship between older (tuakana) and younger (teina) people and looks at both groups helping each other.

It was the start of September which meant it was the start of Spring and to celebrate we made daffodils. We asked Room 9 if they wanted to make daffodils and we would help them. Because we are older we try not to do it for them but help them so they are learning.

We also helped Room 9 by helping them log in, creating a Google Slide and uploading it to Blogger. 

We are really good at helping Room 9 but sometimes we also need help. Room 7 & 8 are part of our hub so they came and help us. They helped us with blogging about our artwork.

Typing Club

Just before lockdown 2.0 we started to use Typing Club. It is a website with a typing programme. We have started to use it to help us become better typist. This is us in action!

Friday, 14 August 2020

Term 3 - Week 1 - 4

Welcome back to Room 10. We have had a great break from learning with friends and family and we are ready to start learning again. This term we are lucky to have a student teacher with us. Her name is Whaea Alofa. Whaea Alofa is in her first year of University and we hope she enjoys her time at JBS.


Since the official date for Matariki was on the 13th of July (school holidays) we studied and researched a lot about the special occasion during the first week back at school. 

Whaea Alofa read us books about Matariki. We loved listening to the different stories. After reading the story 'Seven Kites of Matariki' by Calico McClintock & Dominique Ford we created a class Korowai (Maori cloak) like the girl had in the story. 

We also used our devices to research all about Matariki. With our research we each created an acrostic poem which we published on Google Docs and wrote four facts about Matariki and 3 wishes for the year which we published and animated on Google Slides. 

During this week we also split into different groups so we could learn and perform a Matariki play. It was fun!

Later in the week we created our own Matariki star. If you come into our classroom you can see them all shining from the ceiling. 

While researching we found out that during Matariki people gather to sing songs and dance so we learnt a Matariki song. It names all the stars in the Matariki star cluster.

It was such a fun week that we blogged about our favourite Matariki activities on our personal blogs.

Term 3 - Syndicate Rotation

This term we are having a syndicate rotation each Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Our first rotation was with our own teacher Miss Keshaw, Miss Patel and Whaea Alofa. We were learning to:

- Understand the meaning of cultural shapes and symbols

- Use warm and cool colours

- Create block letters

Our second rotation was with Mrs Ellis. We did STEM activities with her. Check out the pictures.

Soup & Breakfast

This term we have been so lucky to be given soup on Fridays and Breakfast Club has been set up each morning to fuel our Taha Tinana. Thank you to all that have provided the food for our students.

DMIC (Maths)

This year Room 10 have been learning Maths through a different lens. This term we are focusing on Statistics. We are learning all about graphs.


Year 4 Girls Meet The New Zealand Tall Ferns

The year 4 girls were lucky enough to get to meet members of the NZ Tall Ferns. During this time they got to practice and learn new skills and they even got a free rink bottle and a signed poster.

Returning Back To Level 3

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 again we will be conducting distance learning. Please check your emails regularly as we will send any information through email. If you have any questions feel free to email me on aleisha@jeanbatten.school.nz

In the meantime stay safe and be kind.